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Red X malt (Best Malz)

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Has anyone heard of/tried this one yet? It is 11-13L and says that it can be used up to 100% of the malt bill, so I'm wondering if this is some kind of reddish Munich malt.

Nice, good find! I'm definitely interested in giving that a try. Love the Best Malz line.

I was just reading about that on Best's web site.  At first I figured it was like Carared, but it's not as dark, and the site says it can be used for up to 100% of the grain bill.

I was wondering if it was from robust barley which is a 6 row malting variety that supposedly provides a reddish color but according to Best malz site it is from summer 2 row and the color comes from the malting process. does indeed sound like a slightly darker munich.

Joe Sr.:
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