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I'm finally doing a Pimp My System thread, now that I've moved out of my long string of little apartments and into a house. Things really have come into their own here in the home brewery in the past few months, enough that I can post it even though there are constant projects and improvements.

So here goes!

The actual brewery is a 2009 Sabco Brew Magic VMS350 that we recently picked up from a friend. It has been quite a learning experience to go from a stovetop-batch-sparging-cooler-system!

Chiller is a MoreBeer 'Chillus Convolutus Counterflow Wort Chiller'. Shown here in cleaning mode.

In moving from brewing on the stovetop to brewing outdoors, water availability became a huge issue. Luckily, my mom knew this would eventually happen. She used to develop all of her own photographs as a professional photographer, so when she quit doing that, she saved her darkroom sink and temperature controlled water valve for me. :) So the sink below is a free sink. Approximately 5'-0" by 2'-0" by 5" deep. All stainless. Hot and cold water is plumbed to it and the valve can control water within 1*F. We've installed this in the garage so it makes clean up incredibly easy. It is amazing in cold weather.

The fermenter in the picture below is a 15 gallon plastic conical with stainless tri-clamp fittings. It is housed in a True Manufacturing commercial fridge that I picked up from craigslist. Dual stage temp controller controls the fridge and a little heater near the bottom. Don't mind the ridiculous amount of buckets laying around. It was cleaning day. ;)

Switching over to the basement, where we have storage and the rest of the fermenting happens. My main set of shelves are below. Picked them up from The Shelving Store a while back. I keep everything from finished beer (in bottles), to empty bottles, to Better Bottles, to a jockey box, to Beer Guns, to bottle trees, to a box of airlocks and more on these shelves. Empty bags of grain hang from the ceiling, you know, for decoration.

To the left of the shelving and below the stairs is a sour beer aging area. I am in the process of moving my sour beer aging from my parent's house to my own house, so there is nothing in here yet. Just a few trophies.  ;D

Obligatory medal/ribbon shot. The framed score sheet is from a Saison-Brett clone judged by Stan Hieronymus. To say that I'm proud of that beer would be an understatement.  8) And yes, that is the German flag on the ceiling. Ich bin 100% Deutsch.

Grain storage. Vittle Vault II. Sometimes found on amazon for $25 or so.

Lagering freezer, named Franz. He can hold four kegs. Empty Boulevard Smokestack bottles are for our wedding toast beer.

Newest freezer - 25CF, a replacement for my older keezer (Hanz - he lives with a friend now). No name yet for this one, but it's a work in progress. We are working on a collar for a through the wall tap system. I'll update with pics when we get around to doing it.

Should hold around 16-18 kegs when we finish building it out. Right now, it's all on Cobra taps.

The little wine coolers. These are tinted-glass front Vissani wine coolers that Home Depot used to sell a couple of years back. I have them hooked up to an assortment of temperature controllers. One is dual stage for the Belgians, the other two are single stage for normal beers. We use the top of the coolers as a sort of table.

A really poor shot of the inside of the wine cooler. These little guys can go down to 38*F if need be, and the one with a ferm wrap in it can go as high as I ask it to. The control is quite valuable.

And finally (for now), no home brewery is complete without a set of his and hers brewery boots.  ;D

Whoa  :o.   Amazing brewery, Amanda !

Jeff M:
Awesome! Im jealous of how much space you have!

Nice Amanda! Your going to have a blast settling in. We name our kegerators too. We have Holly Day, Maybelle & Menard (the Maytags).  Glad to see the Sabco is coming around for you as well.

Wow, that is awesome Amanda!  Looking forward to you updates.


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