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Joe Sr.:
Anybody bought/used the new kegs that are manufactured in India?

Just curious if there's a quality difference compared to the Italian kegs.

I don't need more kegs, but maybe I do.

The best steel came out of India, historically. Not so sure about that now. I'd be concerned about quality issues. Caveat emptor.

You got a particular link to share?

Joe Sr.:
On my phone so hard to do a link. Beverage elements has them scratch and dent for $67. New.

Williams or NB also has them, though apparently sometimes Chinese.

Yeah, I had the misfortune of having two of these things included with my kegerator. The other is Italian made. It's really hard to get the disconnects on the posts...I actually needed a mallet. It got a bit easier as I connected them a few times, but even with keg lube I have to push down real hard, twist a little, then push down on the locking ring. Also, one of the two leaks out of the box. In short, I'm not impressed. Your mileage may vary. The Italian keg has been fine.

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it does mention (as noted above):

--- Quote ---Kegs will have cosmetic blemishes such as scratches, discoloration and dents.  Certain brands of disconnects need to be forced onto post and the collar manually pushed onto post to snap on but work great!   
--- End quote ---


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