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What's Brewing This Weekend - 4/2 Edition

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After last week's brew, my ankle decided to remind that it had a large say in what I can and can't do - so this week, I'm back at it and going to hit my numbers to get a mild and a saison in place for the SCHF!

Last week's German pils is perking away,  This week I will probably do a starter for next weeks English IPA.

Hefeweizen for a turkey hunting trip the end of the month, we can only hunt until noon each day then the gloves come off  ;D

Depending on how I feel either a Kolsch or a Pils as I have yeasts ready for both of them.

no brewing till next weekend. :(

bottling a batch of old ale (god I haven't bottle an entire batch in 2 years, dreading it...)

bottling a bunch of comp entries.

Kicking off a lawnmower Kolsch/Cream this weekend.  Got the Jimmy Buffett concert in Dallas coming up in mid May, and I don't think a keg of double IPA would be the best option for tailgating all day...


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