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Pilsner Urquell vs Shiner 101 Czech-style Pilsner


Humph. No comparison. Even with a slight skunkiness Urquell beats Shiner hands down. Wooooo....

Side by side PU has more of everything than Shiner 101. Not a real indictment since how could there really be a... comparison.

But I did it any way.

Time to get me some Czech Budvar.

Most anything beats Shiner. And the US needs to institute some labeling laws - I don't know how they can, in good conscience, call it a Bock.

There's history to Shiner and why it's a popular regional brewery. Their Czech pils could benefit from some tweaking- mainly in bitterness and being a little less dry. The malty sweet back bone was missing when compared to Pilsner Urquell.

Then they should package it in green bottles, to lend it that slight skunkiness.  ;)


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