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Pin lock relief valve mod?


Has anyone added a pressure relief valve to a lid that did not originaly have one.
Particularly a pin long? Just wondering, I have an all ball lock collection of kegs
and my neighbor has all pinlocks and he does not have a single reliefe valve.

I am sure it is possible if you had the $$$.  Just drill out the lid and have a valve welded on.  There are many modified keg lids out there for various adaptations.  I have seen such modified lids cost as much as a used corney keg.  About $34!  It is just pricey to get stainless steel welded.

I have a few pin locks.  I just press the poppet on the gas side to release pressure.  Got to make sure they aren't so full that the gas dip tube is in liquid though...   ::)

what a mess!

I wish they had pressure relief valves.
I just use a spare gas-in quick disconnect. I make a point to not fill them too full; it will discharge otherwise, particularly if it has been over-carbed. It works well, if not quite as convenient.


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