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Having a beer and wine tasting at the house tomorrow. I picked up a bottle of Viking Blod Mead for fun. Any thoughts on this mead? Also, the bottle says to serve slightly chilled. Can anyone give a better range of serving temps for it? Thanks for any help. The only time I have ever had mead was at the end of a long night of drinking, so I don't remember much about it. This bottle just looked cool and I liked the name. It was purely a spur of the moment pick as I was picking out beers at the largest liquor store in the country, in Bellevue KY.

Most of the meads I have had are meant to be drank close to white wine temps (mid 40s?). I usually pull it out of the fridge and give it 20 minutes or so at room temp before pouring.

Thanks for the reply. Here in Indiana right now, and tomorrow, that temp will mean just keeping it in the basement garage (42deg right now) and just bringing upstairs for a bit before serving ;D

I generally prefer to serve bigger, fuller bodied meads at red wine temps and lighter, more delicate meads at white wine temps.

Ok, but is this a bigger, fuller bodied mead? Can someone tell me about this mead?

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