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Dry yeast tips from Fermentis

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This was posted on another board and I wanted to be sure people here saw it.  Some great info...

The diacetyl rest on the Ale is interesting

I had not seen a chart with their yeast and recomended beer styles before and the yeast characteristics table is great.


Very helpful.  Thanks for posting it!!!

WOW, I have looked at their site a lot and never saw that page. Great info. I use their yeast a lot and love it. Now that I have a LHBS I have went back to White Labs and Wyeast but I have a few house recipes that always get the Fermentis. I always keep a few packs of the SA-04 and US-05 on hand. If you don't have a LHBS and have to order liquid online this is a great alternative if you are using American Ale or English Ale yeast.


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