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pete b:
I'd be tempted to figure out a way to add at packaging or even serving the first time to experiment with amounts.
If you don't already have the bark I suggest getting quinine extract which is just extract of chinchona bark. I got some last summer because I was sick of HFCS in tonic water and wanted to make my own less sweet tonic for G&T's. Maybe you could get a similar style commercial beer and add a drop to get a sense of the taste. And seriously, a drop. Its a strong taste and getting it right will be tricky. If you have the bark you could make your own tincture and try something similar.
I like the idea, i hope it works.

Maybe try to replicate the flavors in a gin & tonic using other ingredients. I'm thinking something like a very dry IPA. I'd target just 15-20 IBU's from a FWH since the chinchona is going to add a fair amount of bitterness. You just want enough IBU's for preservative purposes. Then use big flameout and dry hop additions from Simcoe or Chinook (juniper/pine), Motueka (lemongrass/lime zest) and maybe some Sorachi Ace for more herbal/lemon.

Off the top of my head:

~1.065 OG
85% 2-row
5% Crystal-20
10% table sugar

20 IBU Simcoe FWH
2 oz Chinook @flameout
2 oz Motueka @flameout
1 oz Simcoe dry-hop
2 oz Motueka dry-hop
1 oz Sorachi Ace dry-hop

WLP001/WY1056/US-05 or similar

Dose with chinchona tincture to taste prior to bottling

pete b:

--- Quote from: mabrungard on March 09, 2014, 07:42:34 PM ---Since it is the source of Quinine and that is the basis of bittering evaluation, I suggest that this is a component that should be used with great care! The infusion idea seems sound.  It would ultimately be a substitute for hop bittering.

--- End quote ---

I make a yarrow ale every summer and don't use any bittering hops or very low ibu for the same reason.


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