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Weekly "whose brewing" thread.

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Anyone have any issues with making this a sticky every week? I was thinking we could post a new topic on the subject on Wednesday and let the old one die. Any objections?

Cool by me - especially letting the old ones die.  If not a sticky, the subject of the OP should at least include a date - maybe the date of the Saturday of the appropriate weekend.

Works for me.  Are you gonna put it in the General section?

It's in the Pub now (that's what you mean I assume.) Dates would be good too. I figure anyone can post it and when one of the mods sees it they can make a sticky.

Redbeerman and myself are brewing up Denny's famous Vanilla Bourbon Porter on Saturday. This will be the first time making that beer. With all the rumplings about that beer, we thought it would be a good one to try.


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