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Last Call! Best Beers in America

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Voting for the Best Beers in America poll ends at midnight Mountain time on Friday, March 14. If you haven't yet voted, please do so at And if you've already voted, thank you! Look for the results in the July/August issue of Zymurgy.

Jill Redding
Zymurgy editor-in-chief

I voted for Bink!

Get off the Pliny bandwagon, lemmings.......

I would like to have some geographic info on the voting for best beers.  Living on the East Coast, we do not have many of the beers listed-- Pliny, for example.  Of course we do have Hopslam . . . .  It would be of great benefit to have a West Coast champ, a MidWest champ and an East Coast champion-- based simply on the availability of products.

thanks and I do enjoy the magazine, even though the  print is WAY too small on some articles

I got my e-mail reminder to vote for Zymurgy's Best Beers in America poll from the AHA which got me wondering. Can anyone shed light on how this grew to be an annual part of the homebrew publication? I suppose on a certain level, I'm curious about an issue of a homebrew magazine being dedicated to commercial beers. Of course, AHA is under the Brewers Association umbrella. So I wondered how much Zymurgy is also a tool to promote the craft industry. Would this list fit better in The New Brewer?

Don't get me wrong. I'm not opposed to the vote or the issue and have engaged in conversations about the best commercial beers. I fully get the close and mutually beneficial relationship between the craft beer and homebrew communities. There has been a long history between the two. Countless pro brewers got their start as homebrewers and craft brewers are often the biggest champions of homebrewer  (i.e., sponsoring events like AHA/BJCP homebrew competitions, Pro-am at GABF, venues for local club meetings, etc.).

I do appreciate that voters are able to choose their top beers rather than select from a predetermined list but a good point about regional vs. national beers by ruddyscot.

Joe Sr.:
Trying to vote, but when I enter New Holland Brewing no beers come up.  I guess I can do write-ins...

Weird, because the brewery comes up.  Oh well.

Gotta say I like this format better than when I just typed out 20 in an e-mail and sent them in.


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