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People can see my email address when they point their cursor on envelope icon under my avatar.
I would like to turn off this feature.
Does anyone know how to do this?
I already check "Do not show my email to public" in my profile but no cigar.

Thank you

I assume that you have removed the email option from your profile since I don't see it there.  I do not see any email addresses when I mouse over the icon, but I should see it if I click on it to email you. 

Any issues that you haven't addressed?


Hey Fred.

May be I was not able to explain what I wanted.

When I click on Denny's profile His email address is "hidden";u=2

But when I look at my profile I can see my email address.
Also Danny does not have any envelope icon under his avatar.
I just picked Danny because he is well known :D

When you check my profile can you see my email address?;u=548

Thank you

I see nothing but 'hidden' on your profile for your email address.
When you look at your own profile you should see your email.

If I as a moderator cannot see your email you should be fine.


I see.
Thank you for your time.


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