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Hey guys. so I did a strawberry Milk chocolate stout, partial mash, and i used 3 lbs of strawberries. i froze them before hand, then i added them to the boil at the last 15 minutes. they are now sitting in the primary. i didnt taste much strawberry when i tasted the wort, and i was wondering if the flavor is going to be more prominate from sitting in the primary or am i going to have to add extract? my goal is to avoid extract if i can. i believe extract flavors taste weird or can be over powering.

Probably not. Strawberry doesn't come through very well unless you keep a lot of sugar behind in the beer and that normally requires halting fermentation before adding the strawberries and force carbonating.

you can also add more berries instead of extract. I have not brewed with strawberries and they are a pretty subtle flavor. if primary is pretty much done try adding another few lbs in the fermenter.

I have a hard time getting enough strawberry flavor in a Melomel with multiple additions in both primary and secondary - I can only imagine how difficult it would be in a stout.

I think one of the issues in this beer is that acidity is what helps bring out the strawberry, but at the same time it mutes the roast in the stout. It's going to be tough to find the right balance.

And I'd say you need at least 2-4 times the amount of strawberries you used to get a noticeable strawberry flavor. You could try adding more in secondary, but this is one of the cases where I might suggest a good quality extract may be a better choice.

Jimmy K:
I'd agree that three pounds probably isn't enough. But also in unfermented wort I think malt sugar will quickly overpower the berries.


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