Author Topic: Imperial Stout ingrediant advice  (Read 1445 times)

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Re: Imperial Stout ingrediant advice
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I like more roast in mine. I use about a pound of chocolate malt and a pound of black patent.

Black Patent is basically like Roasted Barley but with a bit more of a burnt taste right?

Black patent is malted where roasted barley is not. I also get more burnt and ashy flavors from it. I don't like to use acrid to describe it because acrid to me is a negative description.

First time I used it was an accident. LHBS was out of roasted barley so I used black patent. Worked well so I ran with it.

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Re: Imperial Stout ingrediant advice
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Some pretty good advice all around here.  I would only add that I wouldn't mash lower on account of the DME.  You're only using two pounds, so it shouldn't have too significant of an impact.  My experience is that you can find some highly fermentable light DME. 

I regularly add more than 2lbs to my beers and have mashed low to account for what I would expect to be a higher FG.  Right now, I'm looking to adjust recipes and process to get more body into my beers.

Of course, the darker you go with DME/LME the more of an impact it will have on final gravity.  Extra light dry just doesn't seem to cause issues in my experience.
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Re: Imperial Stout ingrediant advice
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Aside from the DME in the recipe, I like to mash my own high gravity beers (RIS, Barleywine, etc.) ~ 148 or 149F. Personal preference - with a normal strength beer some styles might finish a bit thinner than desired, but I've never found it to be the case in a high OG beer. But I have had big beers finish higher (and sweeter) than I wanted. Lots of different ways of getting there, though !
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