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Batch-Sparge and maltiness?

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Been reading and clicking around and found a piece of info on Fred Bonjour's website "sparging demystified"

Fred states that batch-sparging creates a maltier beer. He cites a quote from George Fix:

--- Quote ---“I have found that to get a very high malt flavor the sparge must be omitted as well. This is an expensive way to brew since the amount of grains needed must be increased by a factor ~4/3. Nevertheless, some of the world's great ales and lagers have been brewed this way, and I have found it works in homebrewing as well for special beers. Clearly this is not the way to brew our standard beers.”

--- End quote ---

Not sure I understand and whether I'm taking this out of context. Maybe because I tend to mash at the lower side of the scale- usually 149-150F; I just don't consider my beers very malty.

I've always felt the same way as Fred and Dr. Fix.  Maybe because I was influenced by Dr. Fix's statement when I started batch sparging years ago, maybe because it's true?  I don't know.  I don't try to convince people of it because it's so subjective and hard to quantify.  But I feel like no sparge beers are maltier than sparged beers, and that batch sparged beers are maltier than fly sparged beers.  This is based on my own experience and like I said, I won't try to convince anyone else of it.

I don't particularly feel that batch sparging in and of itself presents a maltier resultant beer. If it did then every malt centered style would/should be dominated by those who are batch sparging and that does not universally appear to be the case and therefore the statement doesn't seem to be a proven across the board. What a proper batch sparge DOES do is keep one from oversparging.

That's a really good point, Mike.

I like this too. Never thought about it but it is a built-in failsafe of sorts.

Spent last night thinking about this whole aspect of maltiness. It makes sense that it could be occurring.

I'd put forth that this is one for the blind taste test category if it already hasn't been done.


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