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Whatcha Brewin' this week -- 2009 Nov 11-17?

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A new week so a new topic,  Whatcha Brewin' this week

Brewing the Amber Ale from Brewing Classic Styles, then pitching a Christmas Spice Ale on that yeast in a couple weeks.

OK...I suppose I should have posted this here.

"Redbeerman and myself are brewing up Denny's famous Vanilla Bourbon Porter on Saturday. This will be the first time making that beer. With all the rumplings about that beer, we thought it would be a good one to try."

I filled my last two carboys last weekend at "TAFTH" last weekend.  So this weekend I'll probably bottle some wine and free up three or four carboys so I can start some lagers for this year.  :) 

Nothing so far, too busy smoking grain while the weather is still nice.
4 lbs smoked with pear wood.  Delicatesweet smoke.
4 lbs on the smoker with Beechwood.  I want that complete Bamberg flavor experience for my next Rauchbier.  Will do 4 more lbs so that I have enough.

Maybe an IPA later in the week.


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