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Re: Aeration sanitation question
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I keep the little dimebag that the O2 stone came in over the stone end when not in use as a dust cover. Other than that, I simply sanitize in starsan before each use. One tip is to turn the O2 on before submerging in any liquid so nothing backs up into the stone or line.
I use the bag as a cover too.  I don't turn the O2 on before putting in the starsan though.  I leave it attached to the hose, stick the end in starsan, turn on the O2 to push any starsan out, put it in the wort for a minute or two, rinse it off, stick it in the starsan, cover it and put it away.  Like I said, I've never had a problem.  But it seems like most everyone is having success with their procedure as well.

Although now that I think about it, at the brewery it sits in acid sanitizer all the time and only gets pulled out to oxygenate wort.  Then it gets rinsed, blown out a bit, and put back in the sanitizer.
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Re: Aeration sanitation question
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I also have an inline flow meter that's a simple plastic spring loaded bead meter.

If possible, could you please post a link to that flow meter?
This is the one I got. It's a little pricey, but nowhere near as much as the regulators. It comes with bushings to fit most airlines, it was a spot on fit for the setup I bought from Williams. I don't know if it is as accurate as one of the regulators with the preset L/M settings but it does give me repeatable results which is all I want. Must have some accuracy to it or they probably wouldn't offer it for medical use. They make 2 versions, the 0-6 L/M and the 0-3 L/M. I can't imagine ever using more than 1 L/M so I got the 0-3.
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