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Leery of dry hopping with homegrown

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I am racking a Belgian IPA to keg today.  I used tons of homegrown cascade hops to brew it.  I was planning on dry hopping with cascade as well, only with pellets.  Well, I forgot to get some.  I have only dry hopped with homegrown hops once.  It was a barley wine.  It tasted excellent before I dry hopped it.  It later developed some oxidation, a salty kind of character.  Now whether that was from the hops or it had been there all along and just became more noticeable later I don't know.

I had another experience using homegrown ingredients added post ferment that went awry as well.  I added some dry heather to a heather ale to "dry herb" it.  I ended up with an unitinentional sour ale.

Am I just being paranoid about adding homegrown ingredients post ferment or do others also not add anything if it won't be boiled?

All I can tell ya is that I've dry hopped dozens of batches with homegrown hops and never had a problem from it.

My experience is like Denny's.  Actually my homegrown hops give a good aroma.

Agree with Denny and Jeff . . The only thing that I can think of that would cause the issue you are talking is the way the HG hops were handled . . either picked too early or not dried sufficiently.

If you are still worried, you can still order some Cascades and dry hop when they arrive. Shouldn't matter if there's a couple of days delay.   

Well, getting some pellets is no problem.  I can go the homebrew shop this week.  I guess I would kind of like to use the homegrown but jut needed some reassurance.

I am partly suspect because of how I have them stored.  They are completely and totally dried.  I am not worried about that.  I have an oast setup.  No heat, just air.  However once they are mostly dry in there I transfer them to a large food dehydrator and finish the job at about 95F.

I have not found a great way to store yet.  I have been using those reynolds and or ziplock vaccuum bags.  They are pretty hit or miss as many can attest.  They slowly leak (sometimes quickly) and let air in.  I store them in the freezer.  Generally I suck the air out of the main bag and then put them into another bag and squeeze as much air out of that.

So, I guess I am concerned about oxidation from that or other possible contaminants.  Part of me sees this is ridiculous though, as the commercial hops I buy are likely subjected to just as much mistreatment.  I guess it is just those two circumstances that have me bothered.


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