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My results have been mediocre to outstanding.  The problem has been the number of days of fermentation. I get great fermentation results for the first few days (3+) , then it subsides. I believe this is pretty good and then I want to bottle the beer. I have tried secondary fermentation and re-filled the second carboy with mediocre results. The finished product has been flat. I ask myself, why the hell did I try to secondary ferment when I believe the first ferment gave me the results I needed. I read where the fermentation can go on for a few weeks, but, I don't see that happening.  Am I crazy? Do I need to add an addtional amount of yeast? And if so...why don't I see that in any reference material? My last couple of batches of Pumpkin ale have been nothing less than outstanding. One batch produced the carbonation I required, the next was poor. I have read where some folks add a small amount of yeast to "kick-up" the carbonation. Yea or Ney? If I can solve this issue, I'm home free! By the way, I am an all grain brewer.
I typically bring the pre-carboy product up to room temp over a few days and then drop the temp to the mid 60's range to get  fermentation results without any yeast off-tastes.
Further more...I see a lot of recipes with both grain and malt extract ingredients. So...what's the conversion answer as I don't want to use extract ingredients?
I'm sure there is no right or wrong annswer as it's all organic...any help would be appreciated....thanx.

So  . . is the main issue you have concerning the carbonation in the bottles?

yes...low to zero carbonation........thanx

If your recipes are not real high gravity, there is no need for additional bottle yeast. Are you using the appropriate amount of priming sugar in your bottling bucket and mixing it well? Have you double checked your caps and bottler?

well I certainly thought so...I'll double check....thanx


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