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American Homebrewers Association 2010 Governing Committee Election

Congratulations to you new AHA Governing Committee representatives:

Drew Beechum
Pasadena, CA

Fred Bonjour
Troy, MI

Justin Crossley
Pacheco, CA

Jake Keeler
St. Paul, MN

Thank you to all of the members who voted in this year's election!  There were a record number of ballots cast, with 899 members voting.

Thanks also to all of the candidates who participated in this year's election.  The AHA depends on dedicated members to run for and serve on the AHA Governing Committee.

Congrats you guys and thanks for running to all the candidates!  It seems that every year we have so many great candidates for so few positions.  Looking forward to breaking in all you "newbies" at our 5 hour long GC meeting in Minneapolis!

Congrats guys!

Congratulations guys!! 

When are we all meeting at Drew's house for that free beer he promised?  :D

Congrats Gentlemen!


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