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Well... as the subject suggests, i want to get started brewing, and im looking for the equipment. I'm sure theres a few of you guys on here with the 6.5 gallon buckets that you barely used before you upgraded, and im thinking i'll probably follow suit, but thats what im looking for anyways.

I'm looking for basically the same starter kit that you can find on any home brewing site, if you're not able to send all the pieces thats okay too. I have quite a few parts from wine-making... but the glass carboys might be a bit rough on me.

Another thing i need is a 20qt stainless kettle, with a lid preferably.

I live in northern colorado, and would like to pick something up if i could, but if you're willing to ship hit me up too. I'm just looking to get started for a decent deal. If anyone has any links that might price better than buying locally, let me know. I'm just as willing to check that out.

You may be doing so already, but another place to keep a real close eye on is your local Craigslist.  Way back when, that's how I got my starter stuff.

thanks for the tip, i am looking there... but some people don't so that can help someone.

I realized today, my dad has 3x 5gal glass carboys... so i dont need any buckets. I can just use those, and a funnel instead.

All i need now is an easy way to find a 20qt stainless kettle. I will check out all the local brewing stores tomorrow, but looks like 40 is normal, so it shouldn't be bad. I found an aluminum turkey fryer (w/ burner and kettle) for 30, but it looks rather used. I'd prefer to be able to do this outside, but it looks like my best bet is probably to get the 20qt stainless new, and then sell it if i have to upgrade.

My advice would be to start with a larger kettle. You'll want to have one eventually, and they can be had for not much more than the 5 gal one. 7-8 gal is really the minimum for a full wort boil.

Restaurant supply places are a good source. For example: http://www.webstaurantstore.com/32-qt-heavy-duty-stainless-steel-stockpot-with-cover/922SSPOT35.html

A 20 qt kettle is really a pathetic thing. However, partial boils can be done in them- just keep an eye out for boil-over's.

Invest in a good kettle, I'd go with 40qt at a minimum. And it doesn't have to be Stainless. However, if that is your hard and fast preference expect to pay a pretty penny...

I bought a heavy 80qt (aluminum) for less than $100 off of http://www.instawares.com/.


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