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I am going to be in Chicago next weekend. South loop area. Looking for suggestions for breweries or beer bars close by. Walking distance best, but short ride not a problem. Who has must try/must visit recs? Looking at Friday night late or Saturday. Your experienced recs are most appreciated:)

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South Loop has been undergoing gentrification, but no breweries or good bars that I know of. There may be some now, but you will have to ask a local.

Downtown there is Jake Melnicks, an OK beer bar.

Haymarket is a favorite. You can get close with the green line, it is on Randolph west of the expressway.

The blue line can get you up to near Peace and the MapRoom, the later is tops for me in Chicago.

The red line can get you to Goose Island, Sheffields and Hopleaf, though that last one is a long way north.

It is a big city with decent transportation, so with some planing you can find your way to a few.

My favorite place closest to the South Loop is Miller's Pub. It's a classic old school place with a surprisingly good beer list. Wabash & Adams

Clark Street Ale House is very close to the Red Line and is my favorite bar downtown. No food, but good selection. Clark & Chicago

Monk's Pub is a funky place, but their hours may not match yours. Lake & Wells

And there's always the Binny's taproom. Giant bottle shop with taps. It's not the greatest walk, depending on which side of the river you're on

Thanks to both of you. Will let you know what I find and try out. Have a great week

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Looking for kid friendly now. Just found out SWMBO kids will be with us( not our week, caught me by surprise) so any new thoughts? Brewpubs that serve kids will work, but no bars

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