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Why would a recipe, call for both DME and LME of the same extract? Wouldn't converting one to another allow for the same exact effect while only using one?

Apparently the recipe designer prefers the taste of LME but doesn't like to use a partial can.  Makes sense to me.  Feel free to substitute as you see fit.  If you brew it differently then it becomes YOUR recipe!

My lhbs sells lme in 6 or 8 lb bags. Always wrote extract recipes with either of those as starting points. 

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Agreed. Most recipes call for full can quantities of LME. LME is a lot more perishable then DME, so most brewers don't like to have partial cans laying around.

Also a problem to measure lme.  Need two containers to weigh the lme. Much easier to add dme to bump up gravity

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