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Rhizomes and the Refrigerator

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I've been given 26 very healthy Glacier rhizomes to start my first hop garden. (thanks Neal!)

Time is one thing I don't seem to have in abundance lately, so I'm wondering how long these things can stay in the fridge before I have to (at the very least) put them in a gallon pot or something.

Weeks, months, years . . ?   ???

they should be fine in the fridge. hopefully will think it is still winter

however, a few would look good growing in my yard ::)

you should be fine for a month or so in the fridge.  if the roots are 'ragged' on the ends, it wouldn't hurt to clip them with a sharp hand pruner to give them a nice clean cut.  less surface area to lose moisture from.  if you can, just throw them in a tub, bucket, planter with some compost until you can plant them.  at least they will have a chance to throw out some roots.  these critters want to grow and will naturally do whatever they can to become established so any little help you can give them will  ensure a higher chance of survival to the lot.  believe me, a little compost, a little water and within a month you'll probably have a bunch of sprouted hops!  hop on!

26????  Are you gonna plant 'em all?


--- Quote from: denny on April 06, 2010, 04:12:57 PM ---26????  Are you gonna plant 'em all?

--- End quote ---

Subtle hint?? :D 

Heck, I don't know . . seems like a whole bunch o' plants, doesn't it.

 . .and weithman . . . they would look even better growing in MY yard!  ;)


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