Author Topic: Drinking Only Homebrews  (Read 5465 times)

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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #45 on: March 26, 2014, 06:46:57 PM »
Looking at my notes the Bass(esque) is an ESB brewed with Windsor yeast, chinook and fuggles. It was a split batch with BRY-97 which resulted in an impressive and completely different beer. Fermenting like this allows for consistency and experimentation.

Feel like I'm honing in on a consistent recipe that I'd like around all the time- one that won't get boring.
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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #46 on: March 26, 2014, 07:46:58 PM »
I drink commercial beer when I'm out of homebrew, when I go out, or when I'm curious about something. lately I've done a pretty good job keeping homebrew in the house so it's mostly grabbing an interesting bottle at the bottle shop or a pint when I go out to dinner/drinks.

Switching to 11 gallon batches has made it easier to keep beer in the house. I haven't gotten bored with a beer yet but I do get excited when something new hits the tap. I only have two beer kegs so variety sometimes suffers.
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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #47 on: March 27, 2014, 05:45:09 PM »
Very nearly 100% of the beer I drink at home is homebrew. We sometimes shop at one particular grocery store that usually has some interesting offerings in 20 oz. bottles. On occasion I will buy one or two of those. And of course there are times when dinner guests bring beer. But most of the time I only have my own beer on hand.

I'll drink beer in restaurants if there is something interesting available, but like others have said above, lots of places these days are offering two or three different brands of IPA, plus Bud and Bud Lite. Most of the time when we're out, if I order an alcohol at all, it's a cocktail or a glass of wine.

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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #48 on: March 27, 2014, 06:41:09 PM »
I drink a lot of my homebrew mostly and give some away to friends as well.  I can buy the stuff at the liquor store any time I want to research a style or grab a seasonal brew or something I haven't had before.  Most of the time I can't keep enough homebrew on the shelf! 
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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #49 on: March 29, 2014, 06:50:43 AM »
Another +1

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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #50 on: March 29, 2014, 05:13:42 PM »
I'm a recovering beer hoarder. I'm getting much better though. I used to buy beer by the case at Costco and drink a few and have a most of the case left sitting there taking up space. I still have about 2 cases of beer that's at least 3 years old out in the shop. I think I'm passed that now. If I want a commercial beer, I'll get either a big bottle or a six pack, 12 pack if I really like it. A couple months ago I saw Red Chair at Costco (in cases, of course), I love the stuff. I went to another store and bought a 12 pack. I think I still have a few left, but they'll get drank.

I guess I've finally figured out that my fridge space is valuable. More of theirs means less of mine. I try to have a variety of homebrew for guests (and me) on tap.

When we go out, if there isn't a beer of interest to me it's JD or just water as I not a pop drinker.


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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #51 on: March 31, 2014, 12:25:02 AM »
I am mostly a homebrew drinker at this point but do enjoy visiting local breweries and sampling.

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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #52 on: March 31, 2014, 01:09:48 PM »
I guess you could call me a craft beer drinker rather than just a homebrew drinker. While I enjoy my own homebrew at home, I also enjoy trying new craft beers and old favorites when I'm out. Aside from pure hedonistic enjoyment, I think it also helps to train my palate (in a BJCP style sense), tweak my curiosity and challenge my creativity for new or improved homebrew recipes. I do keep a nice selection of crafts beers at home as well, variety being the spice of a beer-ful life.


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Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« Reply #53 on: April 14, 2014, 10:52:51 PM »
I have found myself brewing less American,  British,  and Scottish styles,  since I can drink fresh craft brewed ales at almost every pub and taproom  I brew and drink lots of lagers and Belgians, as where I live, finding good versions of those on tap is difficult.

I don't ever see myself ever drinking only home brew, as I like going to bars too much. I do find myself going less and less to the fine beer store, though, and very rarely ever get a growler filled.

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Same here. Lately, I've noticed when I got out, there's almost nothing on tap that I want. Hard to imagine a place not having a good oatmeal stout, hefeweizen, schwarzbier, helles, pilsner, pale ale, vienna lager, dunkel, or a porter, is it? Well, it is. Anything we have is either an IPA, Belgian, or commercial lager. But the only place I really go out any more in a nice little pub & restaurant that has Weihenstephaner hefe and Fuller's London Porter. All anyone wants anymore is IPAs and imperial stouts.
I drink mostly homebrew, but buy some here and there, and go out once a week maybe for a few. But most of my drinking is homebrew at home.

I totally agree.  I'm tired of seeing 10 taps with 7 IPAs, BMC, BMC Lite, and Blue Moon.  It seems like nobody cares about any other style.  I don't blame the bars/restaurants, though.  From the bartenders and owners I've talked to, they blow through kegs of IPA in no time, and other stuff doesn't tend to move. 

It's funny. We've gone from no beer choices (nothing but BMC products everywhere) to a bunch of craft beers available in many places... but all we've seemed to do is add IPA to the old BMC lineup.

I thought of this thread today while trying to pick out a 6 pack at a local beer store. The entire cooler was PACKED with micros, and almost every one of them was IPA. They used to carry a couple pilsners that I liked but they've replaced those with IPA's as well.

Doesn't anyone want variety anymore?