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What do you do with your spent grains after you are done mashing? Are they good for the garden as a mulch? Feed them to the dog or cat... pigs? Compost pile?

Matt B:
I toss them in the compost heap. Seems to make great compost to toss onto the hop garden area. I've given some to a friend who's made some all-grain-ish bread with them, but that's a lot of bread to make with 10 pounds of spent grains.

Give them to my neighbors chickens.

We usually have at least 4 deer that stop by daily.  They love 'em!!!!

I have a compost heap next to a game trail behind the house.  What the critters don't eat, I mix into the rest.  Be sure to turn it every day for the first few days or the smell will overwhelm.  Before I started mixing the grain in with the rest of the heap, my wife would ask if there was something dead in the back yard.


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