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I've been wondering, for those of us who batch sparge, what is the average mash efficiency most people are getting?  I know the answer that most seasoned brewers will give is "the number doesn't matter as long as you're consistent with your equipment", but i'm still curious.
I use a circular 10 gallon cooler for my mash tun with a false bottom.  I mill my own grains with the barley crusher mill with the setting it came with (mill on day of brewing).  I use strike and sparge water amounts so as to get approx 50/50 1st and 2nd runnings.  I heat my sparge water to 190 and it is about 165-167 after transferring it to the grain.  I stir for about 5 min and let a rip.  (Pretty much Denny's technique I think).
I just did my 10th all grain brew yesterday and for the last several have been getting right around 72% mash efficiency.  Funny that my first 5+ AG brews, I was getting 75-78%, but now that I have my system streamlined and hitting strike temps better etc, it has dropped? 
Anyway, what are your numbers and setup?

My efficiency varies based on the total amount of grain. In the past, 5 gallons smaller beers can get me near 80% while big beers get me about 65-70%.

The mill at my LHBS sucks and my efficiency has been hovering between 60-65% for all beers. A mill is my next brewery addition at the expense of a pump. I'll take solid consistency over recirculation chilling.

I use a rectangular cooler (Denny style), mash and sparge roughly equally, sparge 190-195F, and get 78-80% efficiency on most beers. I used to get 68 -70% before getting grain double crushed at the LHBS , and finally getting a mill.

I use a 10 gallon Rubbermaid with a false bottom, mill my own grains and both my mash and brew house efficiency are pretty consistently 80% equal.

On my biggest beers, 1.070 or greater I average 75% on both due to the larger grain bills.

I use a rectangular cooler with braided hose, sparge at around 180*, have my own mill, and consistently hit 80-85%.


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