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I've been wondering, for those of us who batch sparge, what is the average mash efficiency most people are getting?  I know the answer that most seasoned brewers will give is "the number doesn't matter as long as you're consistent with your equipment", but i'm still curious.
I use a circular 10 gallon cooler for my mash tun with a false bottom.  I mill my own grains with the barley crusher mill with the setting it came with (mill on day of brewing).  I use strike and sparge water amounts so as to get approx 50/50 1st and 2nd runnings.  I heat my sparge water to 190 and it is about 165-167 after transferring it to the grain.  I stir for about 5 min and let a rip.  (Pretty much Denny's technique I think).
I just did my 10th all grain brew yesterday and for the last several have been getting right around 72% mash efficiency.  Funny that my first 5+ AG brews, I was getting 75-78%, but now that I have my system streamlined and hitting strike temps better etc, it has dropped? 
Anyway, what are your numbers and setup?

Steve in TX:
My efficiency varies based on the total amount of grain. In the past, 5 gallons smaller beers can get me near 80% while big beers get me about 65-70%.

The mill at my LHBS sucks and my efficiency has been hovering between 60-65% for all beers. A mill is my next brewery addition at the expense of a pump. I'll take solid consistency over recirculation chilling.

I use a rectangular cooler (Denny style), mash and sparge roughly equally, sparge 190-195F, and get 78-80% efficiency on most beers. I used to get 68 -70% before getting grain double crushed at the LHBS , and finally getting a mill.

I use a 10 gallon Rubbermaid with a false bottom, mill my own grains and both my mash and brew house efficiency are pretty consistently 80% equal.

On my biggest beers, 1.070 or greater I average 75% on both due to the larger grain bills.

I use a rectangular cooler with braided hose, sparge at around 180*, have my own mill, and consistently hit 80-85%.


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