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Stopper stuck in Carboy

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I pushed my stopper all the way into a glass carboy. any ideas how to get it out? Someone said a coat hanger but it just bends. Can't get a good knife in either.

Aside from breaking the carboy...I think you'll need to somehow cut the stopper into pieces. Not an easy task. Good Luck

get it near the opening and hold it there with either a coat hanger through the center hole or needle nose pliers.  then use long suture scissors or even wire cutters to start cutting it in to small pieces :-[

I've also seen discussions of a trick using a dishtowel.  Basically, you feed a long thin strip of cloth into the carboy, turn it upside down until the stopper is on the cloth, and then pull the cloth out which supposedly brings the stopper with it.  If you google something like "remove stopper from carboy", it'll show you a bunch of these discussions (and even some videos of the procedure).

If you can bend a tiny hook in a metal coat hanger so you can get the hook through the hole in the stopper, then lube the carboy spout (start with water and work your way up to sanitizer, pbw, etc... all the way to dish soap if you have to).  It should come out.  If you make it to dish soap, make sure you clean and rinse the carboy extremely well.


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