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First time doing a true lager

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OK, we finally bit the bullet and figured we'd give this a try.  Brewing a Classic Pilsner.  OG was 1.57 and my target FG was 1.014. 

After three weeks in primary at 53 degrees, we were down to 1.028, so I figured time to the diacytel rest, raised the temperature to 62, two days later down to 1.018.  Last night we transferred to corny for the lagering part of this process.   It's now at 36 degrees, in a corny.  I purged the corny as I was filling, and left a little head pressure on.  No line is currently hooked up.

Over the next month, will I see any continued fermentation and hit that 1.014 number, or am I stuck with a slightly sweet lager?

I think you're stuck there. The yeast won't be working at 36F. Next time, make sure to aerate better and pitch more yeast. When you start to see fermentation slowing, raise the temp up to your diacetyl rest temp.

I've been playing with stepping temps up every couple days after fermentation starts. I think it eliminates the need for long lagering periods because the beer is clean going into the keg. It just needs to clear and it's ready to drink.

Yup beat me to are stuck with a sweet lager. This isn't directed towards you but per say but I don't understand why people ferment lagers(or ales for that matter) to a time frame and not to FG. ALWAYS ferment to FG regardless of time, a fast ferment test would tell you what that was. I would not have done the di rest at only half done either.. next time try this...

2l starter, with plenty of 02
do fast ferment test (FFT)
Ferment until within 1-2plato (~4-8 gravity points) of FG from FFT
then di-rest to FG
Then keg/carbonate/lager

good luck

klickitat jim:
I'm too rookie to give you advice but for what its worth ive been having good success and getting lagers from 1.050 to 1.010. I've been told that the lions share of esters are produced in the growth stage. I start ramping my temp up a degree or two per day after the first 48hrs until I reach 62ยบ and hold there till done. For me with 5 gallons that's normally 2-3 weeks.

It's only been at 36 over night.  If I raise it back up to 55 or so, would the yeast come back to life?  Or would that cause more problems than it would solve? 


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