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Cannot open issue on android

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The following 2 issues cannot be opened. I get an error. July/Aug 2008 and Sept/Oct 2007.

I will say I love having all the issues searchable and I can browse them offline.  The quality is awesome. Good job.

I am unable to open and read on my Samsung tab 2.

Samsung tab pro. Fix the app. Really fix the app. It will not open at all on the current version of android.

Yeah, the android app could use some work.  On the Asus transformer I have, the app crashes after turning a couple pages.  I wound up  finding where the app stores the base files, and open the issues in Adobe instead for reading. The issues are numbered like 106, 107, 108 etc.

It is too bad because I really like the feel of the Android app compared to the adobe reader.

I think the issues are stored in the  Android\data\ folder in the internal memory drive.

Good luck!  Hope this helps!

Having the same issue on my Nexus 7 and Kindle fire HD.  But the app works fine on a Nexus 5.

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