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What's Brewing This Weekend - 4/9 Edition

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I can't brew this week! My kettles are being used for water baths!

But.. I do have to add the pinot noir oak to my ~2 year dark wild ale. Thinking maybe of getting some sour cherry juice for a portion of it. Anyone got a good source?

Also, gotta do the checkin for the Mayfaire competition. Haven't checked recently, but last I knew we were heading north of 250.

And then Falcons' Meeting - Spring Beers. - guess I should probably go buy a few.

It's an IPA for me this weekend!

Mt Hood Pils......... might be the end of the homegrowns  :'(

Maybe a Biere De Garde......... have to get crackin' for a party this Summer

Looking to do an English IPA.  I have a bunch of EKGs to use and keeping with my one German beer and one IPA on tap throughout the summer and having a hefeweizen kegged and a pils ready for lagering, it looks like an IPA is next.

Drew do you have a job?   ;)

I am hopefully brewing at least 10 gallons of saison some time this week.  5 possibly with with some funky fermenting maple sap.  It is starting to smell like bread...  Be brave, or be very afraid!


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