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Brewcraft Carb Drops


Does anyone know what the volumes of Co2 will average if I add one Carb Drop to one 12 ounce bottle?  I'm filling out a entry form for a competition and am not sure how much one of those Carb Drops will produce.



I found this page which says they're 73% "sugar", 23% glucose, and about 4.2 g apiece. If the "sugar" is sucrose and those are weight fractions, that's the equivalent of 4.0 g of sucrose. Which adds about 3.0 vol to a 12 oz bottle - so around 3.9 vol total.

Even if the "sugar" is another monosaccharide, it's adding about 2.8 vol. So at least one of those numbers has to be wrong. Or they're going to be hugely carbonated.


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