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6 Bigfoot down! tragedy in NE VT!



Me and my clumsy feet.  Been cleaning out my basement and most all me s***e is in the garage.  Bought a sixer of Bigfoot yesterday and meant to bring it to the brew room in the basement.  Tried to step over some piles of dreck today after a long day of work and accidentally knocked said sixer onto the floor!!! 

One lost, one foaming at the mouth.  4 badly shaken.  Had to put the foamer out of its misery.  I fear for the longevity of the four survivors.

A sad day.  Keep the beasties in you thoughts.

i doubt they were long for the world anyway :'(

I'd think the survivors would be fine after a little rest, no?


--- Quote from: tygo on April 08, 2010, 02:18:38 AM ---I'd think the survivors would be fine after a little rest, no?

--- End quote ---

I hope so.  So long as they were not leaking out at the cap like the one I drank.  I did not notice any leakage, but it could have been slight.

Guess the best way to be sure is to drink them all soon!   ;D

I'll just have to buy another six to age...  Hope there is some left at the beer store.   ???

Be glad you got some, we had a case on reserve at the local beerstore and when we checked friday were told they were all gone.
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