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Northern Brewer NHC events planned!

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Howdy everybody.
We posted a page detailing our pre-con and conference events and plans.

The big event is a joint party with The Brewing Network to celebrate their 5 year anniversary and our, uh, 17 year anniversary.
It's on the 16th, so we hope to as many pre-con goers as possible.  Tons of great craft brew and homebrew...FREE shuttle buses to and from the event and the hotel....swag...raffle...antics.  It will be in our new 6000 sq. feet of warehouse space (knocked holes in the walls just the other day).

If you can't make the party, come on by for a tour of our warehouse, or at least have a beer with us at our booth in the Hospitality suite.

We're going all out this year.  Heck, it's our hometown!
Can't wait to see you all!


Jake Keeler
COO - Northern Brewer

Sounds great, Jake!  And congrats on the GC'll LOVE the meeting!  ;)

Sounds awesome Jake,
to bad we will have to miss some of that. 

Congrats on your win and I'll see you at the GC meeting


Looking fwd 2 it!  :)

Fred - the AHA GC is over at 6:00ish, so we shouldn't have to miss any of it.


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