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Joe Sr.:
I need to brew an IPA for an upcoming celebration.  I don't typically brew IPAs, but I've been asked for one.

I thought I might do a Pliny clone, but some of the recipes I've seen call for hop extract which I've never used.

For those of you who have, is it necessary?  Can I brew something close without it?

I may go with something a bit smaller than Pliny or I may do two batches.  Not sure.  Still thinking.

Most of the older/original Pliny clones call for Columbus for bittering.

I've done the original a few times with great results.  From start to finish, it ends up being about 14oz of hops!!

I've never used hop extracts and made some good Pliny clones.  +1 to Columbus.

Joe Sr.:
Good to know.  I'll skip the hop extract.


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