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Bottling All-grain vs Extract?

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     I have recently brewed my first all-grain batch of beer. It was a basic hoppy APA. All the readings hit within the target range for the beer style. The first gravity reading was a little in the heavy side for the beer style but within limits. The alcohol content was high though at about 7% BV. Now when it came time to bottle the beer, I did everything like I usually do when I bottle beer made with extract. I used the same amount of priming sugar and took all the same precautions as usual. However, two weeks later my beer seems to still be flat. Should there be any difference in all-grain beer and extract beer when bottling? I have researched extensively brewing all-grain vs extract, but not the bottling aspect. Should I just give it more time? Would adding more priming sugars help? Does the high alcohol content have anything to do with it? ( This is the highest content I have had.) Any suggestion about boosting the carbonation when bottling would be good.

Thank you

There aren't any differences between bottling extract and bottling all-grain.  What yeast did you use?  What were the original and final gravities?  How long was the beer in the fermenter?

I think you just need to be patient. 

Neil . . I assume you're talking about the "Leaky Kettle" APA. I opened the 1st of the sixer you gave me this past weekend. It had moderate carbonation but seemed just ever so slightly sweet. I figured the carbonating sugar just hadn't been eaten up fully. After I saw your post, I popped the top on another bottle. I slowly poured it into my hydrometer sample tube so I could take a reading. Surprisingly, it took awhile because there was significant carbonation. Finally got it to settle enough to drop the hydrometer in and then shook it up to knock out the carbonation. Let it stand for about two hours and most of the bubbles finally stopped rising. I got a reading of 1.006 which means it would have started about 1.060 to get a 7% ABV. The beer needs a little aging, but in my opinion is pretty well balanced now and the last bottle was nicely carbed. I might mention they've been stored at room temperature since you gave them to me.


Well there you go!

Hopefully the sugar was well mixed in the beer before bottling. That could leave you with some duds and some heavy carbers or even some bombs.

Sounds like it'll be ok... Time to start drinking them to see... one at a time LOL. :D


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