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Hi looking for the best mash temp for a Saison. 60 minute.  Looking for it to be like Saison Dupont  a little.  Thanks,

DuPont (according to Farmhouse Ales by Markowski) mashes by striking at 113F and ramping up at 0.5F/min till mashout.

If you are looking for a single temp, try 146-148F.

It more depends on what malt(s) you're actually going to be using?  ???

Depends on your grain bill, OG, sugars, etc. Gotta give more info, but one thing is sure, a saison should be DRY.

If you are doing a single infusion between 146-149, then you may want to increase your mash time to 90 minutes to insure complete conversion. The increased mash time will also help dry the beer out.


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