Author Topic: Home Water Testing, Hanna's Test Kits and Colorimeters, and Palmer's Water  (Read 2465 times)

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When I plumbed the garage/brewery a couple years ago I used PEX.  great stuff.  Even stands up to cold weather better than other materials.
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I had an acid neutralizing filter installed today.  Wow!  My post ANF values are higher than I expected.  I am assuming that the final numbers will be lower after all of the calcite dust has been rinsed from the bed.

Pre-ANF pH: 6.0
Post-ANF pH: 7.4

Pre-ANF hardness: 60ppm
Post-ANF hardness: 135ppm

Pre-ANF alkalinity: 25ppm
Post-ANF alkalinity: 119ppm

Brewing with neutralized water will be a new adventure for me.  I have never had to acidify a mash because I have always had a relatively soft water supply. 

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I would have installed a bypass for brewing water. This is because I have about 250ppm alkalinity and all I can think is 'But you're ruining your water!'

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The neutralizer has a built-in bypass, but I do not intend to use it for brewing.  Call me crazy, but I am looking forward to the change.