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I pitched the yeast into my last batch about 40 hours ago and there is still almost no kreusen on top and no airlock activity.  I'm not really worried about it just puzzled as to why a delay in this batch.  I did things pretty much the same as my past ten or so batches.  Maybe a bit lower pitching temperature but that's it.  Usually I get a very active fermentation in eight hours or so.  Any thoughts?

I'd give it until tomorrow and then, if nothing is happening, post in detail what you did.

A few thoughts (bucket) lid is not sealed, airlock is empty, air lock not sealed, yeast is just taking it's time, this is a bigger beer with the same amount of yeast. 
How much is a "bit" lower on pitching?  What yeast strain? Beer OG?  How much yeast was pitched?  from where (yeast cake, starter, etc.), (dry yeast) how many packets/grams?  what was your rehydration procedure?  etc.


OG = 1.09.  The yeast is WLP-001 California Ale.  I did a two-part yeast starter (0.7L/0.7L).  No airlock yet, a blowoff tube instead.  I usually pitch about 66-68F.  This time was closer to 62-64F.  Also, I use a turkey basting tin for my swamp cooler.  I usually add tap water and rotate out ice packs.  This time I used ice water up to about 4" in depth.

Was there a larger than 5 degree temperature differential between the starter and wort?  If so, the yeast could be in shock.  The lower pitch temp could have also extended the lag phase.

Was the starter on a stir plate? .7 L is on the hair edge of being too small unless you are using a stir plate. I would have used at much larger starter either way.

62-64 degree pitching temp is actually ideal for this strain but it depends if you pitche nough yeast or not. Regardless, I would give it another 24 hours before stressing too much.


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