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What's with all the Rye?

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A friend spotted this on Founder's website, one of the commerative beers for NHC 2014 it seems. If my memory serves me correctly, that is three years in a row for Rye beers. Philly's Rye Saison and Seattle's Rye IPA and now an oak-aged Rye IPA. Although in Seattle I believe it was the served at the banquet and not in the SWAG bag.

Rye is great stuff, and underutilized.  I think it's great that Founder's promotes rye so much.  It enhances mouthfeel and head retention like nothing else in the universe, and tastes great too.

I saw Carlson a little while before this was brewed. It is one of his recipes that has won a lot in the area. He and Founders have a good relationship that goes way back. He was honored to have it selected as a commemorative beer.

I don't know what kind of wacko would put rye in a beer.

Jimmy K:
Or mushrooms

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