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Recently, all the grains I've ordered online from NB have come in bags marked Maillard Malts. 

The bags note the type of the grain and the maltster as well as the date packaged, so it seems like they are just repackaging.

I'm guessing this is just a branding thing?

I also received some hops today.  Along with the regular Hopunion bags I received a bag of Saaz marked Hoptimus Rex.  I'm not sure if that's a new company or just more repackaging.

Don't know about the Hoptimus Rex, but both Midwest and NB are selling their grains packaged by Maillard Malts. Since I've only seen the Maillard Malts from those two, I'm guessing that maybe this is a house brand and they've started to merge certain departments now that they are under the same ownership. Maybe they have one warehouse or repacker that fulfills orders for both online shops?

pete b:
My last order had one hopunion and one hoptimus rex and my last couple of orders were maillard malts. I like the ziplock packaging on the 1# bags of specialty malts. I don't recall if that's a change or not. I actually find the big oversize bags they use for the larger quantities of malts handy. After I mill into a bucket I line the box it came in with the bag, pour the milled grain into it then mill a second time. One less bucket to rinse and remember to bring up from the cellar.

My recent order came with 1 hopunion pack and 3 other unmarked silver packs of hops with the bare minimum info on them. No rhyme or reason, but all wheat and specialty malts came in 1# maillard bags while 2 row and otter came in a big clear bag with a tied knot, several pounds in each bag.

Jimmy K:
Northern Brewer does seem to love branding lately.

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