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I have been reading a few books lately on brewing. I have noticed that several pro-brewers suggest a variety of boil times for the homebrewer. Some suggest the usual 60min, some say 90min, some say, at least 75min, now this is taking out the variance on beer styles since they all can call for different times, this is the basic base time. Claims vary from 60min being long enough to 90min being the best option for protein break. So my question is what is your go to time on the boil? And if there is a specific reason you have chosen that time?

Thank you.
Neil Robinson

I'm pretty much a 90 minute man. Good boil reductio and break.

Longer seems generally better when it comes to the boil for me.  I generally let the wort boil for 15 minutes or so before adding my bittering hops.  75 minutes if I am using a pale ale base malt, 90 minutes is more common if I brew with pilsner malts which I believe benefit a longer boil.

I use whatever it takes with my boiloff rate to hit my desired gravity. Generally that falls around 75-80 min, but at times it is ~65 min.

I also like to let the boil get going good and finish the break before adding my first charge of hops, so 75 is the average time for me. Unless it's a really big, dark beer . . then upwards of 2 hours. But Mike's method of targeting his desired gravity is really the most precise way to do it. Since there is some variability in the boil intensity, your boil off rate is also gonna vary some from batch to batch. Eventually though, you kinda get a good feel for that


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