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Frustrating Low finial beer PH

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I cont to have frustrating results with finial beer PH. Is there any reason that this should have dropped by so much?
95% optic malt
5 % C120
No sparge
OG 1.042
FG 1.010
Edinburgh Ale WLP028
Mash 149F
Room temp PH with calibrated meter 2 points.
Post boil PH was 5.6  Finial PH was 4 at room temp

Water was Ca 100ppm, Mg 8, NA 14, Sulfate 149, Chloride 40, Bicarb 114, Alkalinity 94, RA 18, Hardness 284

I am was intentionally trying  make my finial beer PH around 4.5. I assume i need to brew the exact same beer with the exact same ingredients to nail it down. I even pushed the water chemistry higher than normal. I have never used this yeast though. Any thoughts would help

  Oops! thats a transfer hose filled with star that i left in the bucket :( that could have dropped it a bit more than i would have liked.

In my experience, the more yeast re-production during fermentation, the trend toward lower beer PH.   iee. Higher initial pitch rates tends to keep beer ph higher then lower pitching rates.

Obviously, there are a great many other factors in play as well, but pitching rates are one of the variables.  Salts, acids, malt buffering and ph, etc are bigger factors that set up the initial conditions.   

I am curiouse why you are targeting such a high ph?   4.5 seems high for a finished beer.


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I am curiouse why you are targeting such a high ph?   4.5 seems high for a finished beer.

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I tend to like my malty styles to finish higher i feel it gives me a better malt flavor/profile. The whole finish beer PH thing has been interesting for me lately a buddy and myself have been testing finished PH of some commercial examples and they have all been really high. For instance pakos ipa 4.85 and ballest point double 4.63. Its just interesting and i feel like some beers really should have a higher PH than most recommend. They tend to taste better to me

Interesting.... I have been taking beers down the PH scale to "brighten" flavors... I wonder which direction is the right way? 

Sounds like you are working more in the IPA relm, while I have been tinkering with the Eurpoean Lagers and English ales...(ie maltier beers with lower hop presence).

I have been moving toward 4.2/4.0 range and like what it does in those beers.

It would be interesting to brew a beer on the high side, and dose it a bit with acid to lower it and see where it takes it.  Maybe I will try to keep the PH higher on the next batch and try that idea. 

I also wonder if malt vs hop beers is a big difference on what the target is...

Good luck!


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