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What chocolate malts have you used and which do you find imparts the most chocolate flavor? 

I've tried Simpson's chocolate, Briess chocolate and a pale chocolate that I think was Crisp but I can't remember for sure.  I'm amazed at the differences and how some really highlight with a noticeable coffee flavor as well.

I love the pale chocolates ~ 200L. I think Fawcett? It gives me the most dark chocolate flavor without being too roasty. I'm not sure what the difference between chocolate and black are when they are the same color.

Some day I'll get around to steeping all of the grains so I really know what they taste like to me. I've tried chewing them, but that doesn't work for me.

I've been on a mission to get a realistic chocolate flavor in my porter. The last time around, a friend (who brews) asked, "So when do you add the chocolate?" That's with 4% pale chocolate and 2% dark chocolate, both Fawcett. There's also a lot of 40L crystal in that recipe, and I think the caramel sweetness increases the perception of chocolate too.

I've just started to use it in my bitters. Think it's Breiss or Fawcett. Very clean dark roast but not chocolaty or sweet IMO. Much better than that nasty ol' black patent. Preferable to Special B also, which is what I've been using (had a lot of it it goes along way). Chocolate malt has paired well with the crystal malts I use.

I heard the Pale Chocolate is nice and lends a special something, whatever that is. This'll have to be a special order for me.


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