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Saaz Hopburst


Ugh, my dutch buddy tried to stop me from wasting my money on this beer. The first bottle didn't taste good but I went ahead and got a couple more to bring home. Well it still taste like old yeast with a hot alcohol bite,  oh and it gave me heartburn >:(

I have another bottle to sample- > Sladek Hopburst, hope its better.

-- edit to add this comment from another forum --

How can that beer be brewed in Nov and then botted in Jan of the same year.

I had to look and sure enough its also wrong on the Sladek Hopburst bottle too :D

EDIT: sorry I answered my own question when I viewed the board on my computer.  The pictures don't show up on my blackberry.

I also had the Rasputin RIS from the same brewery and it was infected. Sad really because those beers are expensive.


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