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1). Is the three roller really better than the two if you're malt conditioning?

2). Why get the 1/2" chuck upgrade?

3). I have a pretty powerful Dewalt cordless. My electric/corded drill used to smoke when I used it on a BC. The MM people state a corded drill is needed, but do you think I can use the former (Dewalt cordless)?


I use my DeWalt cordless on my 2-roller Monster mill, seems to work out fine. I did strip down the triangular flats on the 3/8" drive shaft because I didn't chuck it properly once or twice. The 1/2" shaft option is for motorizing - there's no bushing or coupling that I could find that would fit that 3/8" shaft with the 3 flats other than a drill chuck. You can't just replace the shaft, either; it's part of the roller. If you think you'll want to motorize with anything other than the drill, get the 1/2" shaft right away.

I have the MM 3 2.0 and I tried malt conditioning on it once and it was really difficult and IMO totally not worth the extra effort. Not sure if it would work better on the smaller mill or not. I suppose if I had an extremely powerful motor it wouldn't be a problem. As it is I have a fairly powerful hammer drill.

Oh, I missed the malt conditioning part. I don't condition.

I talked with the fella at MM and while he's not tried malt conditioning before, he's familiar with it and he actually recommended I go with the 2 roller to prevent any gumming/jamming up. 

Its funny, I walked him through my problems with the BC and he gave me suggestions on how to fix it (though I've tried them all already) - nice guy, definitely getting my business. 

In my discussion with him, I think its that I may have actually wore my rollers down over the years.  I'm gonna try taking it apart once last time, lube it and see what I see.


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