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Jeff M:
     After being "Let go" from my long term job of 10+ years that I was told I would take ownership of in April of Last year, I decided to delve far deeper into brewing.  After 4-6 months of down time i decided to take the plunge.  I had been doing lots of research and talking to brewers and decided that an Electric setup would be the way to go.   I made arrangements with a friend of mine who is an electrician and after confirmation that he would take on the job, away we went.

After doing some extra research I decided to buy DIY kits from Kal over at  While more expensive then some of the other options, I liked the Functionality and Durability of Kals setup. In September we started ordering kits and its been a busy Winter!  I finished the CP about a month ago and the electricity is just now getting finished up.  The harsh New England Winter we had slowed down certain aspects unbearably so.

Heating elements

RTD Sensors


Herms Coils

Part 2 too follow.


Jeff M:
CP Construction - This Control Panel is by far the most intimidating thing i have ever attempted to build. It took me over 6 months to tweak and complete, and I learned SO MUCH by building it.

Part 3 Up Next.

Jeff M:
Brew Stand Build

And now we will start putting it all together!

The brew stand has just been set into place

And after about 15 pictures i wont put on here

Stopped for the night after troubleshooting the CP after plugging it in for the first time.  The Amp meter was fluctuating and after nearly tearing apart the wiring, I walked away, did some more reading and found that the problem was too low of a voltage on the Amp meter power supply.  Tomorrow i will start punching holes for all the hardware!

nice! way to turn a lemon into beer!

Jeff M:

--- Quote from: morticaixavier on June 15, 2014, 07:15:28 PM ---nice! way to turn a lemon into beer!

--- End quote ---

Thank Jonathan.  First brew is on the 22nd.  7 Days and counting!


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