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secondary regulator issues



So I added a secondary regulator to my 3 keg keezer. I wanted to have a Belgian beer set higher than my other American ales. I got a taprite in line secondary but I'm having issues adjusting it. It seems to want to creep up to 15psi no matter what I set it at. I have no idea why this is happening or why when I turn the adjustment knob that there is not much pressure change. Currently my primary is set at 18 and I'd like the secondary at 12.

Any ideas?

The secondary regulator is meant for the lower psi beer(s), so first of all I wonder if the gas line through the secondary regulator feeds a "y" splitter or manifold serving your 2 lower psi kegs, as it should.  Then, assuming you have another gas line via a splitter off of your co2 tank regulator, it would go to the Belgian beer and be set at the higher psi.

If you are trying to reduce the psi through your secondary regulator, turn the secondary regulator screw or knob counter-clockwise until it drops down below your co2 regulator pressure, to the desired lower pressure.

You would first have to bleed off excess pressure thru the secondary to read lower pressure after adjusting the screw/knob.

I hope this makes sense to you.  :D

Sorry - just read what I had missed, that you want lower psi thru secondary.  So if you bleed the pressure from the keg on the separate gas line to the Belgian, and appropriately set the screw/knob, the co2 tank regulator should read at 18 psi, since it is the regulator regulating pressure to the keg with Belgian beer.

Unless maybe you have a leak at your connection to your co2 tank, or maybe no teflon tape on your backflow valve under the regulator leading to the Belgian keg?!?!?

or maybe a hose clamp or oetiker clamp that needs tightening.

Or a loose keg post or leaking quick disconnect on liquid or gas post, or lkeg lid unsealed, on the Belgian.


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