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I was reading the latest Zymurgy and was perusing the above recipe.

In the directions it states to whirlpool settle for 1 hour-covered?

I'm not questioning the hour but the covered part. Is there not a concern of DMS redeveloping over this time? Especially with 12.8lbs of Pils malt?

I always hopstand with the lid on, but I don't typically use Pils for a 'hopstanded' beer, except for IPL.   But as long as you keep a good steady boil for 90 minutes to drive off the DMS I think you'd be fine. My understanding was always that it gets driven off during a long boil and that you don't rely on the post boil phase to remove more. 

EDIT - Actually,the last time I brewed an IPL was ~ 3 years ago, since I only recently was able to replace my lagering fridge. At that time I wasn't hopstanding yet, so I don't have direct experience with hopstanding all Pils beers. I still think you'd be ok with a good, long boil.

Interesting, I know about the long boil doing a good job of driving off the DMS but was always under the impression that there is the potential to redevelop without a quick chill, I just thought covering would increase the potential, hmmm, the things that keep me awake at night....

Like I say, without direct experience, I could be wrong. There's always the option to sub in a good hopstand-friendly 2-row and not have to worry though.

Please post the recipe.  LaCumbre has it on their blog, but it's for 30bbls. 


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