Author Topic: drilled into wrong spot on fridge  (Read 3368 times)

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Re: drilled into wrong spot on fridge
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The trick is to use a hole saw and only cut the thin skin of the fridge first. Then dig out the insulation with a small pick carefully exploring for lines, before completely drilling through. If you find a line you can usually push it out of the way before finishing up.

^^THIS^^.  That's what I should've included in my post. That's the way I did it back then.

That's what I did too.  But I didn't chime in just for that.  The other thing I'd recommend is if there are indents for holding the wire racks, they usually engineer them so that the indents (holes, whatever) are not near anything that can be boogered.  I went through one of them and didn't run into anything - and then there is less insulation to dig through too.
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Re: drilled into wrong spot on fridge
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When I drilled the holes in my fridge I found a diagram of the freon lines & electrical stuck under the front of the fridge. Showed me exactly where the lines were routed. Then as an additional precaution I drilled a small hole on the inside and used an ice pick to probe around. Then a little bigger hole, moved the insulation out of the way and took a visual. Then I drilled the final hole with a step bit. I used rubber grommets (inside & out) to protect the CO2 line. Cheers!!!

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